All sweets need tender loving care and imagination.  At the Pastry Shop Allotino we offer one of a kind sweets that are made with only the freshest and purest ingredients.


A large selection of cakes are waiting for you at the Pastry Store Allotino.  Our cakes and pastries can cover all your needs and accompany you on all your celebrations.  We can undertake all special orders for weddings, birthdays and every form of special event.

Ice Creams

Our ice cream is something special.  Made for you with a variety of flavors and a traditional recipe.  It can’t be compared to anything else.  It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Τreats & Chocolate

By combining high confectionery, fine quality chocolate and fantasy we offer a wide range of small delectable delicacies.

Syrupy Sweets

The unique flavors of syrupy sweets is the result of the excellent quality of fresh butter and nuts highlighting the tradition and taste.


Every morning we serve hot delicacies in order for you to start your day off right.  Homemade pies made in our unique way, will remind you of grandma’s recipes.  Crunchy pie crust filled with cheese or spinach together with your morning coffee!!   There’s no better way to start the day.


Pure butter, exceptionally high quality ingredients and closely guarded recipes help us make a huge selection of tastes and shapes waiting for you to try.


Delicious chocolate cakes, fluffy tsourekia that smell so heavenly that you will go back memory lane to your mother’s kitchen with pure and fresh ingredients used to make all sweet cakes.


At our Pastry Shop you can find besides our delicious pastries various gift packs and chocolate creations . You will also find fresh seasonal sweets such as melomakarona and kourabiedes for Christmas and tsourekia or sweet bread for Easter.